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March 14, 2017 • Rotterdam by Night: feature

March 6, 2017 • Infinity Urban: feature

February 26, 2017 • Mafia BWLove: feature

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March 1, 2016 • nominated!

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September 2, 2015 • Havenloods: article

July 30, 2015 • Lucrasoft Solutions

June 30, 2015 • Bureau Bolster

Being creative, trustworthy and friendly Thamar is a great person to have around. She combines enthusiasm with a sound understanding of both business and technology.


• Jasper van Veen, ING •

February 26, 2015 • The Valley

January 31, 2015 • ING Nederland

July 18, 2014 • NRC Media

May 13, 2014 •

March 19, 2014 • Petrofac Training Services

February 4 (EPO, The Hague) European Patent Office Photo Club. Design Principles for Photographers.

ENTER Innocence

November 28, 2013 • ENTER Innocence event photography...

October 24, 2013 • Mailplus

Thamar boosted our new website! She helped us to find the right track, structured & designed the content and contributed to transform ideas into practical solutions.


• Froukje Nigten, Mailplus •

September 15, 2013 •

Event: Sky High!

July 7, 2013 • Model photo-shoot at airbase...

March 4, 2013 • Delta Lloyd


February 28, 2013 • Mangrove

February 21, 2013 • 2Words

November 29 (Info Support, Veenendaal) Fronteers. Front-end. Content. How can Front-end Developers and editors work together to produce content on different devices and in responsive design.

Als webdeveloper of designer bouw je websites of apps voor je opdrachtgever en zijn gebruiker. Maar er is een gebruikersgroep die wel eens vergeten wordt: de redactie. Want je bepaalt door de keuzes die je maakt in je ontwerp vaak ook hoe een redactie werkt.

Hoe kunnen Front-end Developers met content redactie omgaan? En hoe zorg je dat een redactie zijn wensen aan je overbrengt en zijn eigen proces hierop aanpast.

Thamar Kiemel, Conversation Manager bij Mangrove en Fronteer in ruste, wil aan de hand van voorbeelden de discussie en vooral de samenwerking tot stand brengen. Het gemeenschappelijk doel: een strakke site met goede en up-to-date content.

Graduated from Rotterdam University of applied sciences on Content Strategy and how decentral editorial teams can work effectively together online.

• 2012: Graduated •

March 9 (Van Uden theater veerhaven 14, Rotterdam) New Media Brains, keynote: Urban Photo Collective, Community Management Case

February 3-4 (Urecht, Jaarbeurs) Hét Careerevent, workshop online personal branding for application purposes “Keep it real”

December 5 (Rotterdam) Cultuur-Ondernemen: Social media in entrepreneurship for artists. “Social Media in a Nutshell”

May 26, 2011 • Dun & Bradstreet


March 11, 2010 • Gemeente Rotterdam

December 5, 2008 • Metaefezeta

Like it wasn’t enough, next to a full-time job,  I studied part-time CMD at Rotterdam University of applied sciences. My focus on User Experience Design.

• 2008: User Experience Design •

Thamar was one of the designers who helped building a strong in-house Graphic Design Department. Her dedication to her work and the Belkin products was great.


• Roy Pesik, Belkin •



City of Architecture

April 11, 2007 • A huge photography movement is Architecture, a subject you can’t ignore in any big city....

Bokito’s Zoo

March 11, 2007 • Urban Photo Collective, Beautiful Blijdorp...

Founded a collective: In 2006 I founded Urban Photo Collective. An international non-profit community & events for photographers.

• 2006: Urban Photo Collective •

My passion: photography I started off analogue since I was twelve years old.  When first affordable SLR came to market, I became completely hooked.

• 2005: Photography •

I Became a Webdesigner. During ‘The Bubble’ All was possible, I learned front-end development on the job. Perfect timing!

• 2000: Webdesign •

July 1, 1999 • Belkin

I Studied Graphic Design, I did my internship at Datagold and became a designer at the studios of Junior advertising and Belkin after I graduated.

• 1997: Graphic Design •

I live in Rotterdam. In 1994 I decided to study in this metropole to make most of the design career I had in mind.

• 1994: Rotterdam •

Hello, my name is Thamar, I was born June 12th, 1975, in Utrecht, The Netherlands, my hometown is Deventer.

• 1975: Thamar •